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Abrasives for Electronics Finishing

3M™ Fixed Abrasives for CMP

3M™ Abrasives for CMP

Highly engineered structured abrasive products deliver reliable performance for critical semiconductor CMP applications. 3M™ Fixed Abrasives for CMP deliver improved planarization without slurries. 3M™ Diamond Pad Conditioners use deliberate diamond placement and protrusion to produce a consistent finish, with superior diamond retention to reduce scratching.

Key features and benefits:

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Optimized for extended pad and disk life
  • Flat area of active diamonds for low non-uniformity
  • Exclusive polymer substrate enhances corrosion resistance
  • Diamonds secured with both chemical and mechanical bonds for superior retention
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Semiconductor CMP - Wafer Planarization

3M's innovative structured abrasive CMP product offers superior planarization and eliminates traditional slurries and pads in the chemical mechanical planarization of semiconductor wafers.